Design Boards | Soft + Neutral Guest Room

March 30, 2017

Design Boards | Soft + Neutral Guest Room

Hi friends! I am so excited to start this new addition to the blog! Decorating is something I have always had a passion for. I can remember clearly when it all started too. When I was in the sixth grade, I was homeschooled for about half a year, and I remember when I would finish my schoolwork, the first thing I wanted to do was sit down and turn on HGTV - my favorite show at the time was Decorating Cents, anyone remember that? I used to love seeing the before and afters and how they managed to do it on a dime too. (does anyone remember how every room had to have an over the top theme??! HAHA!).

I remember spending days at the little drafting table my mom had set up for me, laying out my future home - yes at 11 years old I knew I wanted french doors in the dining room that opened up onto the veranda because "it's perfect for entertaining," a kitchen sink that overlooked the back yard so I could "watch the kids," a large kitchen island for gatherings and so that my [said] children could sit there and do their homework while I prepared dinner - and oh! I must have a breakfast nook. The back of the house needed to have wall to wall french doors to "let in the natural light" and overlook the pool (again, kids), and there needed to be a poolhouse with a pool table and a wet bar (why did I want a wet bar at 11???).

Obsessed with the ever-so-popular one-room makeover shows of that day, I remember convincing my aunt (whilst mom and dad were on a weekend getaway) that "Mom just really needs some freshening up in her sitting area. C'mon, she'll love it." So we went shopping and bought pillows and accessories and I pared down her shelves and styled them...everything was fine until I touched the birdhouse. Oh my, that birdhouse. Mom still hasn't let me live that one down to this day. She had this rather plain-jane birdhouse sitting on a shelf and I just thought, "Well, we've gotta jazz that little thing up! Can't have it lookin' all sad and stuff!" - so I painted it. And it. was. HIDEOUS. It was my first time trying the dry brushing technique and I did it with the ugliest shade of green and then attempted to sand was bad my friends, it was bad. She feigned that my makeover was very nice "oh look at the nice pillows, yes very nice"...but when she saw that birdhouse? HAHA game over - "WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!" Oh my, the things we do as kids...Thankfully, my design tastes have matured as I've gotten older! But I still enjoy it with the same zeal, if not more, as I did when I was young. That is why I am so happy to start doing these little design boards for the blog! It's a great creative outlet for me, and hopefully it will get your creative juices going for your own home :)

For today's edition, I have created a soft and neutral guest bedroom. Keeping the colors all in the same family of creamy whites and soft greys helps keep things calm and serene. The key to keeping things from getting boring when it's all in the same color scheme is to keep it exciting with texture. You've got the nubby woven rug, the linen bedding, the textured geometric pillow all working together to give that visual interest. And then, to keep all the light tones from just "floating away," I like to ground all the elements with some sparingly placed darker pieces, as in the bed and the light fixture. You'll also see those darker bits peppered around the room in the hardware, which helps to keep it all balanced and cohesive.

Soft and Neutral Farmhouse Style Guest Room by Ellie Besaw, The Painted Porch

Arched Wall Mirror | Wall Sconce | Metal Farmhouse Bed | Three-Drawer Night Stand | Grey DresserHandmade Guest Sign | Rustic Metal Wall Bucket | Handmade Pharmacie Sign | Tan Woven Area Rug | Small Farmhouse Metal Basket | Wood Perpetual Calendar | Linen Bedding | Grey Geometric Pillow | Antique Coffee + Tea Pillow | Blue Grey Floral Pillow

I hope you have enjoyed today's Design Board edition and I thank you for reading along! I've got lots of ideas for different rooms already brewing and I would love for you to comment below and let me know if you have any requests! 

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