Farmhouse Goodness from the Craft Show (and Some Personal Chitter Chatter)

November 14, 2016 1 Comment

Farmhouse Goodness from the Craft Show (and Some Personal Chitter Chatter)

Well, we did our first craft show today and we really enjoyed it! The weather was gorgeous, we got to talk to a lot of people and it was just very rewarding to see our ideas come to fruition and get feedback from people. I tell you though - whoo! What a whirlwind! So much had happened a month before the show. It was a real challenge getting to what you see in the photos! Multiple surgeries (for Pa); a death in the extended family; my husband, daughter and I relocated from Orlando to Okeechobee (into an RV - we've done gone tiny!); we had a birthday party to travel to back in Orlando; and in between all of that we had to make time to build and create so it's just been general craziness! But, all in all, we all worked our butts off and I think it paid off. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure :P

Don't you just love the cashier stand momma and I came up with?? From the bottom: the base is an old fish tank stand + an overturned cutting board + a crate turned on its side + topped with a piece of cherry wood that JUST so happened to be perfectly sized!!! Oh, and it was all made the night before setup! haha!

Our lovely tea towels displayed on our handmade blanket ladder.

Many passerbys agreed with this sentiment and that just warmed my heart :)


A closer view at our buffalo check and grain sack stripe farmhouse benches.

Pa's Handmade Industrial Crates - you will find these on the website VERY soon! He also made the railroad nail wall rack you see in the background. Cool huh? Love that talented daddy of mine :)

It's the little details that get me excited haha. I found this thing in the electrical aisle at The Home Depot, sponged it with some black and white paint followed by some antiquing glaze and bam - Industrial Farmhouse Style business card holder. 

Made by my talented Mother! This was her first one! She did a great job and I'm so proud of her :)

On a personal note, now that the craziness is over (I've seriously been working day and night for the past 2 weeks) I can get on some kind of routine and actually slow down a bit - which is why we moved out to the country in the first place! It's been an adjustment moving from a big city out here to a cow town but so far, we ALL are loving it. My daughter went from a school that had P.E. 4 days a week and no other specials besides Art on Monday and no science class. NOW, she has Agriculture where they get to take care of cows, chickens and learn how to grow food (how awesome?!?!), Music - YES!!!, and Science (she loves it!). Sadly, there is no art class, but she can do that at home so it's okay. And, on the first day of school, her teacher actually called me to chit chat with me about some papers that went home, how they structure the class, etc. That never happened in the big city! Hah, we even saw one of her teachers at the craft show - another thing that wouldn't happen in the city! Love it.

Tonight there is actually a circus in town (I can't even REMEMBER the last time I went to a circus) so we're all pretty excited to go to that! Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed the photos of our booth. Keep your eyes peeled (or sign up for our newsletter!) for new products coming soon! 

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August 14, 2017

Love your things! I’m an Artist myself. I’m excited to know that you’re in Florida. My parents have a place in Port St Lucie and I haven’t seen a lot of creative outlets in Fla….always looking for Artsy Endeavors. Love your family’s story!

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