Our Story

The Painted Porch was, like most businesses, born out of a dream - and lots of talking about that dream. From the beginning of their courtship in 2014, Chris and Ellie Besaw's dream was always to move out of the city, out of Florida and up near the mountains somewhere with all their family in tow. They longed for a slower pace of life, a smaller town, four seasons, and a [much] larger piece of land. Life of course had to carry on however, and over the next two years they built Besaw Carpentry & Interiors--a successful home and remodeling business in Orlando--while Ellie worked at a local screen printing shop as an artist. In July of 2016, they took a family vacation to the North Georgia mountains and finally the talking became more than just that.

Frustrated with their inability to buy an affordable house despite their relative financial success over the past year and a half, the couple was at a turning point. Chris, who had previously wanted to move out of state as soon as possible, realized however that if they were to move they would both miss everyone immensely. On the other hand, they agreed that neither one of them could bear staying in the city very much longer. Convinced that if they didn't make a change right then, they never would, they came up with a plan (after much praying!!!) that would get them - and all their family - to the mountains one day very soon - two years, in fact. If they were going to achieve their dreams, they would have to build a family business that could go anywhere. They knew in order to do that, they would need more time to devote to it...but they also knew that in the city more free time = less money.

So they did what any rational human being would do - they sold all their possessions and moved into an RV - a tiny house! Ellie's parents own an acre in the small cowtown of Okeechobee, FL, about 2 hours south of Orlando. On it they have a house, a large workshop, and an RV. Ellie's family had talked about going into business together when everyone moved north, and given the present situation, the workshop and tools, it would be the perfect opportunity to get started on that business. Chris and Ellie told them their crazy plan and just like that, everyone was on board! Though it may be a bit of a risk, they know that Okeechobee is where God wanted them to go, and with His grace, they will succeed.

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