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This wall sign looks so cute in a nursery, children's room, playroom, nearby the kitchen - just about anywhere really! It features a sweet "recipe" on "preserving children" and goes like this:

"Preserving Children

1 large field
4-6 children
3 dogs
Goat or donkey (optional)
Pool of water or stream
Hot sun
Deep blue sky

Mix the children with the dogs and goat, add next four ingredients. Pour out onto the field near the water. Cover all with blue skies and sunshine, mix in a little rain for variety if you like. Bake under the sun until children are well-browned and happily satisfied. Set them away in the bathtub to cool. Serve them dinner, read a story and tuck them into bed. "

Measures approximately 16 x 34" (Also available in 13 x 24)

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